What is in ProvToolbox 0.7.2?

1. Introduction

Yesterday, I released ProvToolbox 0.7.2, which includes the following novel features.

2. Novel Features

2.1. MacOS X Installer

Continuing our efforts of providing binary installers to facilitate installation of ProvToolbox, this release includes an installer for MacOS X.

Simply follow the link http://openprovenance.org/java/installer/provconvert-0.7.2.dmg, you will then be given access to the installation image.

Installation Disk

Installation Disk

Click on the Installer. Note that you need to allow installation of programs from any sources in your security preferences. Then simply follow the instructions. The installer will install all libraries and executable in /Applications/provconvert (default location, which can be overriden), as well as a symbolic link making the provconvert executable available in your execution path. An Uninstaller is also available as an executable jar file /Applications/provconvert/Uninstaller/uninstaller.jar.

provconvert Installer

provconvert Installer

Et voila! The executable can be invoked directly from the command line.

provconvert -version

which should return provconvert version 0.7.2 (2015-09-15 20:16).

2.2. Templates

As we continue to use templates in our applications, two further requirements have been implemented. It is now possible to expand a template, and strip the result from any variable that has not been instantiated. For this, simply pass the option -allexpand to provconvert, to be used in conjunction with the -bindings option (see Tutorial 4 (part 1) and Tutorial 4 (part 2) on template processing in ProvToolbox). Furthermore, an error code is returned when not all variables have been expanded.

2.3. Interoperability

As we are integrating Provtoolbox, ProvStore and ProvStore in the inter-operability harness developed by the Software Sustainability Institute, we have fixed some minor issues to ensure interoperability between our software stacks.

2.4. provconvert artifact

The artifact toolbox has been renamed into provconvert, since we have plans for other artifacts out of ProvToolbox.

3. Conclusion

For all details about ProvToolbox, see the github.io page http://lucmoreau.github.io/ProvToolbox/.


2 thoughts on “What is in ProvToolbox 0.7.2?

  1. Luc,
    Great work! However, I seem to get a Forbidden error when I try to access the OSX installer through the link at the top of the blog…

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